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BorreGro CA

BorreGro CA

Sustainable Soil Conditioner that Stimulates Microbial Activity

BorreGRO CA originates from trees, a natural and renewable resource. It is a blend of modified calcium lignosulfonate, complex carbohydrates and wood sugar acids. As such, it meets all the requirements of sustainable agriculture and offers farmers a “natural” way to increase plant health and performance.

An Effective Soil Conditioner for Improved Crop Growth

BorreGRO CA functions as a complexing agent for soil nutrients and maintains the soil nutrients in forms that are more readily available to the plant. BorreGRO CA is also believed to be a source of metabolizable energy for the soil microbes present in the root zone. In addition, BorreGRO CA provides a source of added organic carbon, sulphur and calcium, which are necessary requirements for healthy crops, turf and ornamentals.

A Quality Binder for Granular Fertilizer

BorreGRO CA is a purified calcium lignosulfonate based product used in a wide variety of organic and inorganic industrial fertilizer binding applications.