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Marasperse AG

Marasperse AG

The Natural, Lignosulfonate based, Complexing Agent for Foliar Micronutrients

Marasperse AG originates from trees, a natural and renewable resource. It is a modified sodium lignosulfonate designed to give superior performance when used as a complexing agent for foliar micronutrients. As such, it meets all the requirements of sustainable agriculture and offers growers a natural complexing agent for foliar and soil applied micronutrients.

Foliar micronutrients formulated with Marasperse AG are clean in appearance. They have excellent storage stability, good freeze-thaw properties, and low solution viscosities. In addition, Marasperse AG provides a source of added organic carbon and soluble sulphur, which are necessary requirements for healthy crops, turf, and ornamentals. Micronutrients formulated with Marasperse AG are safe to use and when used properly, do not cause leaf burn associated with some synthetic chelates.

Marasperse AG has Achieved EC Approval

The European Commission (EC) has approved Marasperse AG as a complexing agent in the 28 member states of the EU.

Easy to Use

Marasperse AG is easy to use, nonphytotoxic, and produces stable complexes over a wider pH range with better tolerance to high metal concentrations than other lignosulfonate-based products. The unique properties of Marasperse AG benefit the micronutrient formulator at many stages of operation. In liquid form, it has low solution viscosity and is easy to transport and mix. It is more compatible with commonly used metal salts than conventional lignosulfonate-based complexing agents.

Proper Foliar Levels All Season Long

Other micronutrient treatments provide suitable foliar levels just a few days after spray application. Marasperse AG ensures proper foliar levels all season long, providing a stable and constant release of complexed micronutrients into the leaves. For example, the graph below shows how Marasperse AG provided higher levels of iron than did EDTA 69 days after spray application.

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