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RTU Micronutrients Complexed by Modified Lignosulfonate Technology, Nature’s Chelating Agent

The trace elements in Borrechel micronutrients are fully complexed with lignosulfonates. This lignosulfonate, technology is derived from one of nature’s most abundant resources, trees. As such, Borrechel micronutrients meet all the requirements of sustainable agriculture farming and offer growers an efficient source of 'naturally complexed micronutrients for foliar and soil applications. 

The ratio of lignosulfonate to micronutrient in Borrechel micronutrients has been optimized to ensure proper stability of the complex over a pH range of 2-9. Borrechel is easy to use, nonphytotoxic and provides high level of complexed micronutrients when used in foliar and/or fertigation solutions.

Borrechel micronutrients are ready to use and an excellent choice for dry mixing with fertilizers. In addition, the lignosulphonate present in Borrechel micronutrients is a source of added organic carbon and soluble sulphur, which are necessary nutrients for good soil microbiology and healthy plant growth. Borrechel micronutrients are safe to use and, when used properly, do not cause leaf burn associated with some synthetic chelates.

Long-Lasting Nutritional Effect for Proper Foliar Levels All Season Long

Borrechel micronutrients ensure proper foliar levels all season long, with a stable and constant release of complexed micronutrients into the leaves. Other micronutrients only provide suitable foliar levels for a few days after spray application. Borrechel has proven to provide higher levels of iron than did EDTA 69 days after spray application.

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