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OMRI Products

Fertilizer Additives Certified for Organic Use in Farming, Ornamentals and Landscaping Soil Conditioners

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) supports organic integrity by providing organic certifiers, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers an independent review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing. OMRI Listed products undergo a rigorous review to ensure that they comply with organic standards.

Click to download the following OMRI-listed products From Borregaard LignoTech:

OMRI Certificate - Borrechel CA 800 Liquid
OMRI Certificate - Borrechel CA 800 Powder
OMRI Certificate - BorreGRO CA 58 Liquid
OMRI Certificate - BorreGRO CA Powder
OMRI Certificate - BorreGRO HA-2 Liquid
OMRI Certificate - BorreGRO HA-2 Powder
OMRI Certificate - BorrePlex 20 Liquid
OMRI Certificate - BorrePlex CA Liquid
OMRI Certificate - BorrePlex CA Powder
OMRI Certificate - BorrePlex NA Liquid
OMRI Certificate - BorrePlex NA Powder
OMRI Certificate - BorrePlex OA Liquid

BorrePlex Products are Effective Soil Conditioners for Improved Crop Growth

BorrePlex originates from trees, a natural and renewable resource. It is a blend of modified calcium lignosulfonate, complex carbohydrates and wood sugar acids. As such, it meets all the requirements of sustainable agriculture and offers farmers a natural way to increase plant health and performance.

BorrePlex functions as a complexing agent for soil nutrients and maintains the soil nutrients in forms that are more readily available to the plant. BorrePlex is also believed to be a source of metabolizable energy for the soil microbes present in the root zone. In addition, BorrePlex provides a source of added organic carbon, sulphur and calcium, which are necessary requirements for healthy crops, turf and ornamentals

Easily Applied

In liquid form, BorrePlex is easy to transport and apply. BorrePlex has low insolubles and can be easily applied through fertigation, drip or spray systems. The product’s solubility properties prevent the build up of insoluble soil conditioner sludges that normally clog lines under low flow. As a formulation component and in tank mixes, BorrePlex powder readily dissolves without leaving insoluble clumps.

Please click here to download our BorrePlex product brochure